Autograph Fundraiser

Many of the stars we know and love from the Hal Roach Studios do not have grave markers, leaving it very difficult to fans of their work to visit and pay tribute to them. We have been working toward rectifying this wherever possible, and our work has already seen some great results. Thanks to these efforts and Go Fund Me campaigns, you can now visit the final resting places of Viola Richard, Harry Bernard, and Sam Lufkin, Lionel Belmore, Bobby Dunn, Mickey Daniels (Our Gang), “Pleurisy” Paralee Pearson (Our Gang), Anne Cornwall (“Men ‘O War”), Lyle Tayo, Kay Deslys and Alice Cooke all of whom did not have a marker up until the last few of years.
My name is Robert Satterfield and I am the current Grand Sheik of the Forty-Five Minutes From Hollywood Tent and Grand Sheik Emeritus of the Way Out West Tent of the Sons of the Desert (Laurel and Hardy Club). I have been involved with this group for over 52 years.  I have helped to get markers for well over a dozen other Laurel & Hardy and or Our Gang actors over the years.
Dorothy Christy (top right) in Sons of the Desert
There is currently a new Go Fund Me campaign to get a niche for actress Dorothy Christy (May 26, 1906-May 21, 1977) from the Boys’ film Sons of the Desert. Her remains have been stored in the vaults of the Chapel of the Pines for almost a half century.  This effort is to get her moved to a niche next to the other three we have moved (Margaret Dumont, Tiny Sandford and Wilfred Lucas).  We can make this happen with your help.
Dorothy with Buster Keaton
Checks are preferred (as there is no fees taken from Go Fund Me).  If making a Go Fund Me donation be advised that any tip you may give goes to Go Fund Me and not to this campaign.
Each of these items is guaranteed to be personally autographed by the celebrity, each of whom agreed to sign as part of future fundraisers. The photo shown is an example of the image and autograph but will not be the exact one you will receive.  It is indeed hand-signed by the celebrity.

Purchases can be made with check or money order payable to:

Bob Satterfield — 255 East 28th Street — San Bernardino, CA  92404

Inquiries or requests to hold an item can be emailed to Shipping on orders over $50 in the United States is included in the price of the purchase. Orders less than $50 in the United States, please add $10 for shipping. Overseas shipping is now roughly $40 per package, I will cover the first $10, but the remaining amount will be required with payment. Check with me with any questions on shipping.

Check back often as items will be continually added.



HOLLYWOOD SIGN / OUR GANG signed by 35 Our Gang members: Follow this link for full item description and to bid on this item on eBay (Not available at this time… check back soon!)



DVD collection of all Hal Roach Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts remastered by Classic Flix. This DVD set has been autographed by six surviving Our Gang cast members Sidney “Woim” Kibrick, Payne Johnson, Billy Mindy, Peggy Lynch, Patsy Currier, and Priscilla Montgomery$200


HAL ROACH STUDIOS signed by 41: (Not available at this time… check back soon!)


HAL ROACH STAR signed by 59: (Not available at this time… check back soon!)


HOLLYWOOD SIGN signed by 31: (Not available at this time… check back soon!)


ITEM # 82

Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003), Joe Cobb (1916-2002), and Jean Darling (1922-2015) – Great promo shot of the silent Our Gang supporting Democratic 1928 Presidential nominee Al Smith, who would be defeated by Herbert Hoover. Rare and unusual…$150 


ITEM # 159

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) – Terrific shot of the Our Gang visiting the set of Laurel & Hardy’s Wrong Again, posing with Stan. note the cameras set up to roll…$75


ITEM # 84

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) and Jay R. Smith (1915-2002) – Promotional still from the Our Gang comedy Thundering Fleas. This film actually has an L&H connection, as Oliver Hardy appears in it as a supporting player… $100

ITEM # 82A

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) and Jay R. Smith (1915-2002) – Promotional still from the Our Gang comedy Seeing the World. This film also has an L&H connection, as Stan Laurel appears in the film as a supporting player… $100

ITEM # 53

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (1909-2000) along with his wife Joan Crawford, greeting Laurel & Hardy during a visit to England in 1932. Fairbanks and Crawford appeared with Laurel & Hardy in the film The Stolen Jools…. $175


ITEM # 56

Gale Storm (1922-2009), star of the TV series My Little Margie, which was filmed at the Hal Roach Studios. Photo is of her at the studio with her co-star Charles Farrell and Laurel & Hardy… $150


ITEM # 4

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) – Cute shot of Joe in his Our Gang baseball duds…$50


ITEM # 132

Lassie Lou Ahern (1920-2018) – Great shot of Our Gang member Lassie Lou Ahern with Charley Chase circa 1925…$40


ITEM # 2

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) – Joe looking dapper…$50


ITEM # 42

Dorothy Granger (1912-1995) – The queen of the short subjects, Dorothy worked in many projects at Hal Roach, starring as a lead in The Boy Friends series, working with Charley Chase, Harry Langdon, W.C. Fields, The Three Stooges, and in several Laurel and Hardy films including Hog Wild, One Good Turn, and pictured above, The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case. NOTE: This autograph is in ballpoint pen$100


ITEM # 29

Anita Garvin (1906-1994) – Laurel and Hardy leading lady who played Mrs. Laurel in two films (Be Big! and Blotto), plus starred in numerous others including Hats Off, Their Purple Moment, and Swiss Miss. She has signed this photo from From Soup to Nuts$125


ITEM # 10

Venice Lloyd (1905-1998) – She was the wife of Hal Roach Studios cameraman Art Lloyd and appeared in two Laurel and Hardy films, most prominently as a secretary in Chickens Come Home…$40


ITEM # 26

Roy Seawright (1905-1991) – Great behind-the-scenes shot showing the filming of the dance number from Way Out West. The photo was signed by Hal Roach’s special effects artist Roy Seawright, who worked at the studios for more than twenty years…$50


ITEM # 145

Edith Fellows (1923-2011) – This photo shows the Our Gang kids visiting with one of their former members Edith Fellows, along with Bing Crosby who was starring with her in the 1938 feature Pennies from Heaven…$50


ITEM # 136

Joe Cobb (1916-2002), Peggy Ahern (1917-2012), and Jay R. Smith (1915-2002) – Great cast shot from the 1926 silent Our Gang comedy War Feathers$125


ITEM # 153

Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003), Joe Cobb (1916-2002), Tommy “Butch” Bond (1926-2005) – Great color photo that was taken at the Our Gang reunion in conjunction for an article in TV Guide magazine in 1955. Also pictured in the photo behind standees of themselves as children are Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer, Jackie Condon, Darla Hood, and Mary Kornman…$150 


ITEM # 133

Lassie Lou Ahern and Peggy Ahern (1917-2012) – Rare Our Gang photo of real-life sisters who starred in the silent film, pictured here with Jackie Condon…$100


ITEM # 130A

Jack Hanlon (1916-2012) – Jack starred in three of the Our Gang silents in 1924 as the resident tough guy. He was also the last surviving cast member of Buster Keaton’s The General, which is the photo offered here…$50


ITEM # 113

Peggy Ahern (1917-2012) and Mildred Kornman (1925-2022) – Silent Our Gang members in a cute shot from around 1926. Mildred was the younger sister of Our Gang leading lady Mary Kornman…$75


ITEM # 96

Dickie Jones (1927-2014) – He appeared in a handful of Our Gang films including the one pictured, Our Gang Follies of 1938, before providing the voice for the title character in Pinnochio$60


ITEM # 36

Iris Adrian (1912-1994) – She had a long and illustrious career, working with Hope & Crosby, Walt Disney films, TV series, and as Alice, the ‘charming and refined young lady’ in Laurel & Hardy’s Our Relations…..$50


ITEM # 37

Iris Adrian (1912-1994) – She had a long and illustrious career, working with Hope & Crosby, Walt Disney films, TV series, and as Alice, the ‘charming and refined young lady’ in Laurel & Hardy’s Our Relations…..$50


ITEM # 65

Edith Fellows (1923-2011) – Child actress who worked with W.C. Fields, Bing Crosby, the Our Gang, and as seen in the photo, Laurel and Hardy in The Devil’s Brother…..$50


ITEM # 39

June Lang (1917-2005) and William Janney (1908-1992) – The romantic leads Lorna MacLaurel and Allan Douglas as seen in Laurel & Hardy’s feature Bonnie Scotland…..$100


ITEM # 40

William Janney (1908-1992) – Young romantic lead who played Allan Douglas in Laurel & Hardy’s Bonnie Scotland…..$50


ITEM # 107

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) and Eugene “Pineapple” Jackson (1916-2001) – Great shot of the silent cast celebrating New Years 1925, signed by two…..$100


ITEM # 1

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) – Nice color shot of Joe as an adult along with a standee of him as a child, taken for the 1955 Our Gang reunion for TV Guide magazine….$50


ITEM # 167

Eddie Quillan (1907-1990) – Versatile actor whose career spanned the early days of Vaudeville to 1980’s television. He played the romantic lead in Hollywood Party starring Laurel & Hardy. Here he is pictured with comedy film pioneer Mack Sennett…..$50


ITEM # 8

Jacquie Lyn (1928-2002) – Our Gang member and leading lady portraying ‘Eddie’s baby’ in the Laurel & Hardy feature Pack Up Your Troubles….. $75


ITEM # 13

Angelo Rossitto (1908-1991) – Italian dwarf actor who starred in the Tod Browning film Freaks and continued to act through the 1985 film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. He was Little Elmer the pig in Laurel & Hardy’s Babes in Toyland…..$75


ITEM # 154

Dorothy deBorba (1925-2010), Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003), and Shirley Jean Rickert (1926-2009)…..Our Gang cast shot circa 1931….. $150


Leonard Landy (1933-2017) – Our Gang member who starred in the series from 1938-1941, spanning his tenure between the Hal Roach Studios and M-G-M…..(Not available at this time)


ITEM # 101

Douglas Greer (1921-2016) – Appeared in several Our Gang films in the early 1930’s, including this shot from Free Wheeling. Rare and uncommon. …..$75


ITEM # 58

Dom DeLuise (1933-2009) and Jim MacGeorge (1928-2021) – Great signed photo of comedians doing Laurel and Hardy impersonations….. $50


ITEM # 32

Della Lind (1906-1999) – Leading lady Anna Albert from Swiss Miss….. $50


ITEM # 23

Thomas Benton Roberts – (1907-1987) – Special Effects artist (known at the time as a “stand-by carpenter”) for the Hal Roach Studios. Thomas appeared in the silent classic Two Tars as the motorist who gets the tomato rubbed into his face by Stan Laurel…..$75 


ITEM # 157

Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003), Joe Cobb (1916-2002), and Jean Darling (1922-2015) – Great photo with Laurel and Hardy, showing the Our Gang checking out the new sound equipment that has just been delivered to the Hal Roach Studios….. $150



Lucille Hardy Price (1909-1986) and Ben Price (1909-1986) – Mrs. Oliver Hardy and her husband Ben Price, pictured at the grave of Oliver LAST ONE!….. $100


ITEM # 156

Jerry Tucker (1925-2016), Jackie Lynn Taylor (1925-2014), and Patsy Barry (1932-2017) – Three of the Our Gang members have signed this great cast shot from Shrimps for a Day…. $75


ITEM # 18

Virginia Karns (1907-1990) – Mother Goose from the classic Laurel & Hardy film Babes in Toyland….. $50


ITEM # 122 (SOLD OUT!)

Anita Garvin (1907-1994) and Joe Cobb (1916-2002) – Great shot from the silent Our Gang film Baby Brother of Laurel and Hardy leading lady Anita Garvin and Little Rascal Joe Cobb… $125 SOLD OUT



Grady Sutton (1906-1995) and Jacquie Lyn (1928-2002) – Very rare autographs of comedian Grady Sutton, and Our Gang actress Jacquie Lyn on a photo from Laurel and Hardy’s Pack Up Your Troubles. Very uncommon! LAST ONE!….. $200


ITEM # 50

Lois Laurel Hawes (1927-2017) – Daughter of Stan Laurel, seen strolling with her father on the set of Laurel and Hardy’s classic Way Out West, with inset photo of Lois circa 1980. …..$40


ITEM # 68

2001 “Way Out West” Banquet celebrity group photo – This photo has been signed by Burr Middleton (grandson of L&H foil Charles Middleton), sci-fi author Ray Bradbury (1920-2012), Our Ganger Edith Fellows (1923-2011), Silent Our Ganger Lassie Lou Ahern, Our Ganger Patsy Barry, Our Ganger Joy Wurgaft, Our Ganger Shirley Jean Rickert (1926-2009), Joan Delmar (from L&H’s Nothing But Trouble), Stan Laurel impersonator Jim MacGeorge, Silent Our Ganger Jay R. Smith (1915-2002), Silent Our Ganger Peggy Ahern (1917-2012), Stan Laurel’s great grandson Patrick Cook, Our Ganger Delmar Watson (1926-2008), Our Ganger Peggy Lynch (also model for Disney’s Tinkerbell), Our Ganger Dorothy deBorba (1925-2010), and Our Ganger Buddy MacDonald (1922-2008)…..$200

[Also pictured, but have not signed: Eugene “Pineapple Jackson, Karl Slover, Trudy Marshall, Jay Dare, Lois Roberts, Darwood “Waldo” Kaye, Chuck McCann, Stan’s great grandaughter Cassidy Cook. The latter could still sign this…]


ITEM # 60

Mabel Langdon (1906-2001) – Widow of comedian Harry Langdon. She was married to Harry from 1934 until his death in 1944 (with one divorce in the middle!)…..$25


ITEM # 25

Gordon Douglas (1907-1993) – Directed Laurel and Hardy in Saps and Sea, Harry Langdon and Oliver Hardy in Zenobia (pictured above), and 23 of the Our Gang comedies, including their Oscar winner Bored of Education…..$75

ITEM # 120


ITEM # 119

Peggy Cartwright (1912-2001) – She appeared in five of the very first Our Gang comedies from 1922, as well as legendary films Intolerance and The Birth of a Nation. Choose from the photos above. The first is Peggy on top of Dinah the Mule and the second is from the Harold Lloyd comedy From Hand to Mouth…..$75 each photo


ITEM # 166

Burr Middleton – An actor in his own right, Burr is the grandson of legendary Laurel and Hardy villian Charles Middleton and has signed this photo of his grandfather from Beau Hunks…$10


ITEM # 31 (only 6 remaining)

Julie Bishop (aka Jacqueline Wells) (1914-2001) – Starred as the leading lady in two Laurel and Hardy films: Any Old Port and The Bohemian Girl (pictured above). She continued her film career until 1954, starring in several films opposite John Wayne…..$150 


ITEM # 59

Eleanor Keaton (1918-1998) – Buster Keaton’s third and final wife, Eleanor was married to Buster from 1940 until his death in 1966…..$40


ITEM # 48 (only 2 left)

Hal Roach (1892-1992) – Legendary producer of the Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, Our Gang, Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts, and Boyfriends series…among many others. This photo is from the 1984 Academy Awards when Jackie Cooper and Spanky McFarland (pictured) presented Hal Roach with his Honorary Osar….$200


ITEM # 12

Douglas Fowley (1911-1998) – Character actor, best known for his role in Singin’ in the Rain. He made an appearance with Laurel and Hardy in their 1943 feature Jitterbugs…..$50


ITEM # 30

Rosina Lawrence (1912-1997) – Best known for her role as Mary Roberts in Laurel and Hardy’s Way Out West, she also starred with the boys in Pick a Star and as Charley Chase’s wife in On the Wrong Trek. She played the Our Gang teacher Miss Lawrence (or Miss Jones) in eight of their films…..$150


ITEM # 111 (only 4 left)

Ernest “Sunshine Sammy” Morrison (1912-1989) – First African American actor to be put under a film contract, Sunshine Sammy worked at the Hal Roach studios in the Our Gang for two years, as well as in rolls with Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard (as seen above). He later went on to star in East Side Kids series…..$125


ITEM # 151

Mildred Kornman (1925-2022), Jean Darling (1922-2015), Joe Cobb (1916-2002), and Jay R. Smith (1915-2002) – Great holiday photo featuring the late silent Our Gang (and Mary Kornman, who had outgrown the Gang), along with director Bob McGowan, H.M. “Beanie” Walker, and producer Hal Roach. It is rare to have four Our Gang signatures on one photo…..$160


ITEM # 160

Anthony Caruso (1916-2003) – Character actor specializing in gangsters or villains, including Laurel & Hardy’s Jitterbugs…..$25

ITEM # 174

William Benedict (1917-1999) – Seen here with the East Side Kids in Spooks Run Wild (also pictured is Sunshine Sammy Morrison), Benedict appeared in many films including Laurel & Hardy’s Great Guns…..$40


ITEM # 35 (Only 4 left!)

Jacqueline White – Played leading lady Peggy Parker Laurel & Hardy’s Air Raid Wardens, White also starred in the classic film Crossfire…..$100 each

ITEM # 117

Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003) – Adorable photo signed by leading lady who starred in over 30 Our Gang films in addition to her role as “Bubbles” in The Smith Family Comedies, plus The Stolen Jools with Laurel & Hardy….$50

ITEM # 14

Henry Brandon (1912-1990) and Felix Knight (1908-1998) – Respectively they starred as Silas Barnaby and Tom Tom Piper in Laurel & Hardy’s Babes in Toyland. Knight also appeared with the boys in Pick a Star and The Bohemian Girl. Brandon starred in Our Gang Follies of 1938, plus many other classic films including The Searchers (as “Scar”) and The Ten Commandments…..$170 (There are limited additional signed photos of this shot that are individually signed. Felix Knight signed… $75 / Henry Brandon signed… $75)

ITEM # 61

June Chase Hargis (1917-2003) – Daughter of Hal Roach Studios comedian Charley Chase. This is a rare photo from June’s colleciton of her enjoying a beer with her father…..$25

ITEM # 79 (Only 4 left)

Buddy McDonald (1922-2008) and Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003) – Photo from one of the greatest of all Our Gang comedies, Teacher’s Pet….. SOLD OUT (There are additional photos signed just by Buddy…$50)

ITEM # 11

Buddy McDonald (1922-2008) – Buddy was listed in the call log as having reported to the shooting location pictured above to film a scene for Laurel & Hardy’s Pardon Us. This section of the film, showing Stan & Ollie as two old men imparting their wisdom to two boys was cut from the final release print….$50


ITEM # 99

Gordon “Porky” Lee (1933-2005) and Jerry Maren (1920-2018)…..Great photo from the M-G-M Our Gang Comedy Tiny Troubles. Jerry is better known as the middle Munchkin from the “Lollipop Guild” in The Wizard of Oz…..$100 (Jerry only… $40)

ITEM # 130

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) and Lassie Lou Ahern (1920-2018) – Cute shot of the early silent Our Gang members peering through a doorway. Signed by Joe and Lassie Lou, the younger sister of leading lady Peggy Ahern, who starred in a half-dozen of the Our Gang films…..$100

ITEM # 77 (only 3 left with both signatures)

Tommy “Butch” Bond (1926-2005) and Sidney “Woim” Kibrick – The quintessential tough guys from the later Hal Roach and early M-G-M Our Gang comedies. Butch starred in no less than 25 short over two stints with the Rascals. Woim was the younger brother of Our Gang tough guy Leonard Kibrick and later Butch’s sidekick…..$125 (Signed by Sidney “Woim” Kibrick only… $40)


ITEM # 135

Joe Cobb (1916-2002), Jay R. Smith (1915-2002), and Peggy Ahern (1917-2012) – Another great shot of the silent Our Gang members, this one signed by Joe, Jay R., and the more elusive Peggy Ahern, who was the leading lady in eight of the Our Gang comedies between 1924 and 1927….$125

ITEM # 86

Joe Cobb (1916-2002), Jay R. Smith (1915-2002), and Billy Naylor (1916-2011) – Obscure silent Our Gang member Billy Naylor starred in three of the silent Our Gang comedies between 1925 and 1926. This shot from Telling Whoppers is also signed by Joe and Jay R…..$125

ITEM # 28

Karl Slover (1918-2011) – In addition to his roles in The Wizard of Oz, The Lost Weekend, and The Terror of Tiny Town, Karl Kosiczy Slover also appeared as the midget who gets out of the elevator in Laurel and Hardy’s Block-Heads. He has signed the photo and added the inscription “Out Please!” the line spoken in deep bass and dubbed over his own voice in the film…..$50

ITEM # 91

Donnie “Beezer” Smith – Younger brother of Jay R. Smith starred in four of the silent Our Gang comedies, often paired with Wheezer (and became the team “Wheezer and Beezer”). A very rare and uncommon autograph…..$100

ITEM # 121

Jackie Davis (1914-1992) – Very rare autographed photo of the original tough kid from the silent Our Gang series, here pictured with leading lady Mary Kornman. Jackie starred in 19 of the earliest Our Gang films before being whisked out of show business by his brother-in-law Harold Lloyd…..$100 (very limited)

ITEM # 138

Dorothy deBorba (1925-2010) and Shirley Jean Rickert (1926-2009) – Cute shot of the kids from Helping Grandma, signed by the two little leading ladies…..$100

ITEM # 162

Muriel Evans (1910-2000) – We know her best as the bride of Eddie (Grady Sutton) in Laurel and Hardy’s Pack Up Your Troubles. She also had a long career in Hollywood, starring in many westerns. This shot is from John Wayne’s The New Frontier….$50


ITEM # 24

Philip Hurlic (1927-2014) – Ultra rare autograph of Our Gang member who appeared in their comedy shorts Feed ‘Em and Weep and Cousin Wilbur. He also starred with Oliver Hardy and Harry Langdon in the feature film Zenobia (as seen in signed photo)…..$100


ITEM # 38

June Lang (1917-2005) – She starred as Lorna McLaurel in the Laurel and Hardy feature Bonnie Scotland and as Virginia in the Harry Langdon/Oliver Hardy feature Zenobia (as seen in the signed photo….$50


ITEM # 43

Vera Ralston (1919-2003) – Not many actors can claim to have worked alongside Oliver Hardy and John Wayne, but Vera Ralston is one of them. This is a great photo from The Fighting Kentuckian that she has signed….$50


ITEM # 45

Hank Worden (1901-1992) – His face is instantly recognizable from his many Western appearances with John Wayne including The Searchers, McLintock!, and The Alamo. He also made a brief appearance in Laurel and Hardy’s The Bullfighters (as seen in the signed photo)….$50


ITEM # 33

Trudy Marshall (1920-2004) – Posed still of Laurel and Hardy’s leading lady from The Dancing Masters…..$50


ITEM # 34

Trudy Marshall (1920-2004) – Scene shot of Laurel and Hardy’s leading lady from The Dancing Masters…..$50


ITEM # 105

Tommy “Butch” Bond (1926-2005) and Jerry Tucker (1925-2016) – Still from Our Gang’s Wild Poses featuring Tommy, Stymie, Jerry, Spanky, and Franklin Pangborn. Another scene features Laurel and Hardy in a cameo, so this film is considered part of the L&H canon…..$100


ITEM # 62 (only 3 left with 3 signatures)

Dorothy deBorba (1925-2010), Mary Ann Jackson (1923-2003), and Shirley Jean Rickert (1926-2009)…Amazing group shot of the cast and crew of the Hal Roach Studios from 1931. Among the many faces in the crowd are Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Marvin Hatley, Tiny Sanford, Ben Shipman, H.M. “Beanie” Walker, Charlie Hall, and James Parrott. Three of the Our Gang cast have colorfully signed this…..$175 (There are additional signed photos of this shot available, but not signed by all 3. Signed by Dorothy and Mary Ann only (item # 63)...$100.  Signed by Dorothy only (item # 64)…$50g1

ITEM # 87

Joe Cobb (1916-2002), Jay R. Smith (1915-2002), and Billy Naylor (1916-2011) – Our Gang from the silent film The Fourth Alarm.. This photo has been signed by three of them…..$125


ITEM # 158

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) and Jay R. Smith (1915-2002) – Signed still from the Our Gang silent Barnum & Ringling, Inc., picturing Oliver Hardy who starred in the film….$100

ITEM # 90

ITEM # 87A

ITEM # 88

ITEM # 89

Jay R. Smith (1915-2002) – Choose from four solo shots above ….$50 per photo

ITEM # 5

ITEM # 3

Joe Cobb (1916-2002) – Choose from two solo shots above ….$50 per photo

ITEM # 129

ITEM # 128

Jack Hanlon (1916-2012) – Choose from two solo shots above of Jack in Buster Keaton’s The General ….$75 per photo

ITEM # 125

ITEM # 123

Jack Hanlon (1916-2012) – Choose from two solo shots above of Jack in the Our Gang ….$50 per photo

ITEM # 95   

Dickie Jones (1927-2014), Our Gang member and voice of Pinnochio in the 1940 Walt Disney film. Shown here in later years alongside a Pinocchio marionette..$75

ITEM # 140

Our Gang member Shirley Jean Rickert (1926-2009) is seen here with John Wayne in the Western feature ‘Neath the Arizona Skies$50

ITEM # 116

ITEM # 115

Our Gang member Mildred Kornman (1925-2022) pictured with Wheezer in the two photos above… $50 per photo

ITEM # 98

Munchkin performer Jerry Maren (1925-2022) handing Judy Garland the giant lollipop in The Wizard of Oz$50 

ITEM # 65A

Our Gang member Edith Fellows (1925-2022) doing her impression of Stan Laurel$50 

ITEM # 57

Laurel and Hardy impersonators Jim MacGeorge and Chuck McCann$50 

ITEM # 51

Baby Lois Laurel Hawes pictured with her parents Stan and Lois Laurel… $40

ITEM # 17

8×10 black and white lobby card reproduction of Laurel & Hardy’s Babes in Toyland signed by Our Gang member Jerry Tucker, who appears standing behind Oliver Hardy in the photo… $50 

ITEM # 7

Laurel & Hardy in a shot from their short subject Their First Mistake, flanked by the baby they adopted. The photo has been signed by the baby Marjorie Campbell…$50

ITEM # 44

8×10 black and white lobby card reproduction of The Fighting Kentuckian, starring John Wayne and Oliver Hardy (both pictured). The photo has been signed by Hank Worden, Vera Ralston, and Marie Windsor, all of whom starred in the film…$125

ITEM #22

ITEM #21

ITEM #20

ITEM #19

Payne Johnson – (1930- ) Payne has over 100 credits and comes from a family of actors. He appeared in a couple of Our Gang shorts and was Jiggs in Babes in Toyland…Any of the above four photos… $45

ITEM # 27

Tommy “Butch” Bond (1926-2005) in Block-Heads$75

ITEM #69

Leonard Landy (1933-2017) and Gordon “Porky” Lee (1933-2005) in the Our Gang short Joy Scouts$80

ITEM #46

ITEM #47

Hal Roach (1892-1992) – Legendary producer of the Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, Our Gang, Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts, and Boyfriends series…among many others. Either of the above two photos… $250

ITEM #67

Joan Del Mar– (1934- ) This child actress appeared as the timekeeper in Nothing but Trouble with Laurel and Hardy… $30


Beverly Crane -(1917-2006)-Beverly, along with her twin sister Betty Mae Crane appeared as the talking opening cranes on a few Hal Roach shorts including Another Fine Mess, Looser Than Loose, Teacher’s Pet and Schools Out. A very rare autograph…. $75

ITEM #74

Patsy Barry (1932-2017)… $30

ITEM #73

Sid Kibrick and Patsy Barry (1932-2017)…  $70

ITEM #72

Porky Lee (1933-2005) and Sid Kibrick$80

ITEM #71

ITEM #70

Porky Lee (1933-2005), either of the two shots above… $45

ITEM #176

ITEM #175

ITEM #177

ITEM # 178

ITEM #179

ITEM #180

ITEM #181

Billy Minderhout (Mindy) (1931- ) Items 175-183. Bill appeared in eight Our Gang Comedies most notably The Pinch Singer, Aladdin’s Lantern, The Our Gang Follies of 1938 and The Lucky Corner…  $40 each

ITEM #77

Jerry Tucker (1925-2016) and Sidney “Woim” Kibrick… $??

ITEM #76

Sidney “Woim” Kibrick... $40

ITEM #75

Robert Winckler (1927-1989) Popular child actor with 95 credits with the best of Hollywood. He appeared in eight Our Gang Comedies, Nothing But Trouble and Pick a Star with Laurel and Hardy and was in At the Circus with The Marx Brothers. Very rare signature item…$75